Stephanie McGowan


Detail from Reviving Plains, 2019, Image by Emma Zukovic.

About the Artist

Concerned with connectivity and the human condition, McGowan explores the overlapping materiality of the natural and the manmade world; drawn to the meeting point of polarities, such as; mind and matter, life and death, the spiritual and physical, inside and outside. Through their re-creation and reincarnation, McGowan’s artworks aim to question prevailing boundaries. In disregarding linear time McGowan forges a liminal gap, where her materials appear alongside younger versions of themselves; not only creating an ancestry between the works but also an eternal link to McGowan’s relationship with the material.

Though the visual narrative is carefully orchestrated throughout McGowan’s installations, there is a sense of play present in the joining of certain materials. Tensions arise from disconnecting, manipulating and reassembling everyday materials; by re-contextualising the familiar a level of uncertainty is provoked in the viewer. While some things gain function, others lose it amidst the interference, constantly in motion; these installations transform the familiar to the unknown. Creating outsider objects that are both recognisable and outlandish allows McGowan to encourage slow- looking. McGowan utilises the placement of her sculptures to make the viewer become conscious of their step and bring their awareness into the physical present.