Stephanie McGowan

Artist statement


Concerned with loss and connectivity, by the obscurity of memory and our present climate of; global uncertainty, McGowan is drawn in particular to the intersection between the natural world and the manmade, her installations frequently combine opposing components in irregular formations.

Rigorously layering natural dyes and synthetic materials on fine linen, McGowan follows their transformations of the familiar to the unknown. These alternative paintings are stretched to envelop architectural structures that embody an unidentified future, and form a liminal landscape. These spaces become timeless in nature, as they meet residues of their younger selves.

There is a sense of play present as the materializations become part of a visual narrative that is orchestrated, in a light- hearted but intentional space. McGowan’s work not only distorts the boundaries of medium but also questions borders amongst viewer and artwork, the organic and synthetic, the natural, spiritual and social worlds. McGowan wants her immersive environments to provide the prospect for another experience or world other than the one we know in everyday life.

All content © Stephanie McGowan 2020. contemporary visual artist.

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